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Woman's Wedding Dance With Her Bestie After Losing Her Husband to Cancer Is Touching Hearts

This is so sweet we don't know where to begin.

There's a reason why best friends are the best, and @Jess' best friend proves it! This video of Jess dancing with her best friend at a wedding is just the sweetest! It definitely tugs at heart strings, especially after you understand why they're dancing together.

Jess lost her husband to cancer last year. She recently attended a wedding, and when the DJ announced that the next song was a couple's dance, Jess wanted to go cry alone in the bathroom since her husband wasn't there with her. But she knew that he would've wanted her to dance. So she grabbed her BFF's hand, and they danced!

You can tell that they are both having fun and their smiles light up the dance floor! What could've been a very sad time actually turned out to be a time to remember and cherish her husband's memory. We're sure he was there with them in spirit. 

Friendship is so powerful and so important to our lives! Jess is lucky to have such a supportive BFF who is there when she needs her. She received a lot of empathy from TikTok. @Elizabeth shares, "The first wedding I attended after my fiancé passed away, our best man danced with me and let me cry on his shoulder.", while @Leaunna Adams said, "When they did this at my wedding, my mom grabbed my dad's picture and danced with his picture until my husband and I came up to dance with her."

There were lots of comments about her husband too that made our hearts full. @Meowolves comments, "Whoever he is, your husband must be smiling to know you’re in such good hands and surrounded by this kind of love." @Kare sweetly says, "He’s smiling at you for how strong you are mamas!"

Jess, you dancing with your BFF and enjoying life for you and your husband touched all of our hearts, and we thank you for sharing!