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Woman Gives Tinder Date One Last Chance and People Have Feelings

When it comes to dating, how many chances are too many? The saying goes, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” However, one woman seems to be okay with giving numerous chances, and not only that, SHE is the one driving to see her Tinder date.

TikToker Rebekah, @thisisbex, pauses in her car to tell a story about a guy she's been talking to in Tinder for about a month. “What the heck am I doing?” she asks. “Driving 2hrs to meet a Tinder date but pretty sure he won't show up.” The reason she shares why is quite interesting. 

Whether or not the guy truly has social anxiety is unknown, but even if that is the case, it's wise to ask yourself if it's worth the trouble. If it's already inconveniencing you right out of the gate, how promising does that make the future look? Social anxiety is tough, but it shouldn't be a free pass for poor behavior. 

This story has been attracting attention from everywhere and people have opinions. TikToker @awakenyoursenses saw the red flags from a mile a way. “WE probably won't come" he says red flag right there.” Exactly. You cannot ignore the red flags, especially when they are all over the place! User @sarahhiki65887 advises, “Never drive to meet a man for a first date lady. He comes to you.” 

 And @kev_js66 also adds some sound advice, “Find someone that's willing to drive 2 hours just for a date with you. You deserve to have someone that puts in the same energy as you do.” Points well made! Finally, @sebass5555 says, “There should be more woman like you that actually put in the effort to meet us lads . We need that from time to time.” Understandable. However, there is a such thing as too much effort if the other person isn't reciprocating. 

This woman sure has a lot of patience! Now the question stands, did the guy show up or did he flake again? Let's hope Rebekah gives the official update soon!