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Woman Surprises Girlfriend for Thanksgiving and Her Reaction Is Perfect

Surprise reunions are so much fun! How exciting it is to plan a visit to a loved one they were never expecting, living totally for that shocked looked on their face when they see you. One woman on TikTok highlights her journey doing exactly that. 

In this clip shared by @amieslayton150, we see a glimpse into how she surprises her girlfriend at her home, and her reaction is just priceless!

What a sweet story! This couple is just too adorable.  The way she planned the surprise was flawless and very well unexecuted. Her girlfriend didn't suspect a thing. You can see the anticipation on Amie's face as she mentions being excited and a little nervous too. But the nerves and patience pays off because the look on her girlfriend's face is truly a Kodak moment. 

In fact, we caught the girlfriend's comment below the video. @JJ150 says, "What a surprise ...WOW! I think I'm still in shock. You really left me SPEECHLESS. I love you babe.....I'll never forget this." This is everything! 

Other viewers are loving the opportunity to observe this special moment as well. User @ashleybfromtn says, "Omg this is so sweet Amie! I think I'm more invested in this than my own marriage."  Another commenter, @peaceangel10, says, "Wow so inspiring and beautiful that’s what I call love thanks for sharing have the best time." 

It's obvious there is a lot of love between these two. One thing is for sure, if you're going to plan a surprise visit to see a loved one this holiday season, this is how to do it. 

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