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Woman's Story of Waiting on Her Date in Paris Has People So Frustrated

Everyone thinks she should run for the hills.

We're pretty sure that everybody watching this TikTok that @alyssamichelle_ can relate to what she's doing. Waiting.  For a guy she likes to call. We've all done it at least once.

But she's not just waiting for a few hours. She's been waiting since noon, and when the video starts it 10 PM! But she's interested in him, so she continues to give him the benefit of the doubt. Is it worth it? Let's see...

Oh, he's totally stringing her along and making her wait! They've only been on a couple of dates. He probably didn't even think of her once that evening. Don't think she doesn't know how ridiculous is that she's waiting, she's well aware of it, but she really likes him. 

Commenters had some very strong feelings about Alyssa's situation. @Ariadna Perez Tineo is not having any of this, "Please don’t go. “We can meet up after” is not a date, it’s not even a plan. You deserve to be treated so much better than this." Charlotte Favier offers, "Girl do not wait like that!! At first when you said 8:30 well ok he is probably eating but 10……" @Klara was spot on with, "Gurrrrl, tell me you did not just sit there waiting! This boy does not value your time!"

Now by this point we had to know what happened! So, we went on to watch Part 2 AND Part 3 of the story! Does he finally call? Well, he finally texts. And he's drunk and not sorry. But he is looking for a booty call. Luckily, she's smart enough to realize it and declines to see him. She says she's probably done with him after all of this. We hope so!