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Hilarious Video of Woman Almost Ruining Her Proposal Is Going Viral

We cannot stop laughing at this!

Listen, life is hard. We can all use a laugh. Lucky for you, we found a good one! @Sammy Rhea is an absolute doll, and we love watching her life unfold on TikTok. Recently, she shared a huge moment with us all, but clearly, she wasn't prepared for it!

A wedding proposal is a HUGE deal, but what makes this one even better is that she had no reason to expect it or to even consider it might be coming. Sammy and her sweet boyfriend (now fiancé!) visited a pumpkin patch. She was up for some shenanigans, while he was up to something a little more serious. This wins the internet today!

They both seem to be enjoying themselves, when her boyfriend drops to one knee. She doesn't seem to notice, and then goes on to pick out a couple of pumpkins. Pumpkin b**bs, actually. She's still clueless! She holds up a matching set of pumpkin, ahem, b**bs. We're already laughing! He suggests she put them down, which she does. When she turns around, she notices he's on one knee and loses it!

The video cuts off, but we all know what comes next. We loved commenter @Brittanie Phillips, who said, "She gives off Melissa McCarthy vibes!" She's funny, and warm, and so bright that we agree! @T.M. Saturday comments, "He realized even more that this was his forever person lol!" @j swoons, "I love how he's patiently waiting LMAO!" We did too! 

The comments are so great - if you have a minute and need some happy in your day, make sure to scroll through them!