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Single Woman Goes on Romantic Getaway With Her Dog and We're Here for it

She probably had a better time than she would with a dude.

People all across TikTok are loving this post shared by @annsvan, and so are we! Though it's only 8 seconds long, she packs a lot into it.

It's starts with her saying, "POV: You're single so you go on a romantic getaway to a cabin in the mountains with your dog." Then she shows some of the fun that the two of them had. Annie clearly knows how to enjoy single life. Who needs a man when you have your dog!

Let's face it, she probably had a better time with her dog than she would've on a date! She takes a dip in the hot tub, then shows us all what her and her dog did while they were in the mountains. They had some dinner, hung out and played, and they slept together...Annie gently petting him to sleep. It looks like they had a good time!

And commenters were there for her. @Donna says, "Paradise, peace, serenity. Priceless with your dog who loves you unconditionally!" @Nick Light shares, "Perfect way to spend a weekend.", and @onemissfit exclaims, "I am going to do this!" 

@jumpstart77 made us laugh with, "I have a husky, so I still get yelled at and judged." @Mayaf_foto also made us laugh: "Even married… I’d be alone with my dog!"

But the comments weren't just about her dog. Several commenters wanted to know where she was (in Washington) and where she got her bathing suit. It is a super cute suit! 

@AkaCaseymfjonesaka thought he might as well take a shot at a date by asking, "Me and my dog would like that. Invite?" Annie just replied back with the LOL emoji, so it looks like she's choosing to stay single for a while longer.