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Woman Shares the 'Most Pathetic' Thing She's Done for a Guy Lately

Dating honestly has become a sport.

Talk about a bad dating experience! @amzdicko shared this video explaining the most pathetic thing she's recently done for a guy. And by recent, she means within the last few months.

Amy explains that she's known this guy for some time and was feeling pretty sexy on Halloween. She gave him a call around 3 AM, and he answered. He tells her to come over, and that he's staying at his parents' house. She didn't want to go that far, but at this point she's thinking he might be rich and decided to pay for the Uber to get her there. Her concern was that he was going to fall asleep and not hear her when she got there. And apparently her concern was not farfetched.

8 hours later (in our best SpongeBob SquarePants voice) she finally gets in touch with him? We'd be livid! So would @gahbahgoo who said, "The way I GASPED and clutched my imaginary pearls when you said 8 hours." We can't imagine what that conversation was when he finally opened the door, but she does go on to say it definitely wasn't worth it!

What got the most attention was that she paid for her own Uber! @endeeay shared, "I never go to someone unless he takes care of my transportation." And @Madi Bowing agreed, "Send him the Uber bill." 

Others couldn't believe she really waited that long. @Paula_pi_ asks, "8 hours are you for real? Oh lady!" Amy responds back with, "Well every hour I waited I became more and more invested." We kinda get that!

@bria lee asked a great question: "What did he say about not answering his phone?" According to Amy, he said that 'he accidentally brought the home phone into his bed with him instead of his mobile which he left in another part of the house so couldn’t hear my call.' We sure aren't buying that response, and hope that she didn't give him a second chance!