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Woman Swears One Simple Shift Made Men Start Chasing Her

She really does give some great advice.

This is for all of the single ladies out there! @by.sarahkennedy is sharing her superpower, and you're going to want to hear it! 

Sarah starts the video by saying that she used to be the one always doing the chasing when she liked a man, but she made one change that made her the one always being chased! She shares her secret, and she says it might sound messed up, but this was what changed the entire game for her. 

So, what do you think? We are totally on board with this advice! She stopped looking at men as the prize and started looking at herself as the prize! She stopped giving them her energy and focused that energy on herself. Where was this advice when we were dating?! So simple and it makes so much sense. 

Commenters agreed. @Lisa DeSimone shares, "If someone ends up not being interested in me I could care less. I'm focusing on me & I know I'm worth it." @al agrees with, "This is so accurate. Always starts with self-love." @Nytmare shared, "I do this and find it easy to detach as soon as I see red flags."

Unfortunately, it doesn't work for everybody. @Taylor Marie Thurman laughs and says, "I started doing this and I have not had the same results!" @CheekyBastard wanted more information by asking, "What kinds of things would you say? Give us examples of convos please."

@Amanda Moran's comment was a favorite, "Louder for the ladies in the back!" Hoping that all the single ladies out there hear this loud and clear. It's really great advice for not just dating, but for every aspect of life!