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Woman's Trip to Meet Her Boyfriend for the Very First Time Has People Invested

She took a big leap of faith here!

How soon is too soon to call someone your significant other, especially if you've never met each other in person? We were skeptical when we first watched this TikTok @Jen posted when she landed in Dallas to meet David, her boyfriend of 3 months, for the first time. Their backstory isn't crystal clear from the video, but it seems that David was her TikTok crush and that after a few months of online dating, they made it official. It doesn't matter how they met, we were already invested and couldn't wait to find out what happened!

So how did it go when they actually met? Did they hit it off? Was there chemistry? We had so many questions! You can tell that Jen is super excited, but also nervous. And of course, she leaves us hanging and telling us to stay tuned for an update.

She's so cute and the anticipation is too much for all of us! And where is David? We need to see him and meet him too! Luckily, we don't have to wait long for an update. 

Her commenters' results were a mixed bag. @Ms.B says, "Positive vibes, positive energy." @PERB said, "She looks like she’s on Cloud 9. Happy!", and several others said "Awesome" and "Yay!" and "Have fun!" 

There were some though, who were leery. @Kat Ruiz replied with, "She looked more excited in the video where she was going to meet him." Another commenter was concerned: "I’m a little worried." @Carrie was left wondering, "Question. Why didn't he fly to you?" @NicoleMiller called out the nay-sayers with, "IDK why people are freaking out because you met on TikTok. When I started dating after my split, we had dating apps. There was no TikTok. Let her be."

We're all wishing you the best, Jen and David!