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Woman's Video of 'How She Really Looks at her Husband' Cracks Us Up

She hit the nail right on the head.

We are cracking up about the accuracy of this video by @charlesandallie! If you've been in a relationship or married for a long time, you'll totally appreciate this.

Looks like Allie is cleaning the kitchen, while looking loving over at her husband. You can see the love in her eyes, and that little smile she gets means that she's thinking sweet things about him. Or is she? Her husband sees it a little differently!

We've watched this now a ton of times, and still laugh every time! This is just a spot-on portrait of married life! And lots of others agree with that statement. Though the video is only 8 seconds long, it's already gotten over 4 million views in just two days! 

Clearly people are responding to the message here. Like @sarahbinsfield89 who laughs, "My husband just confirmed… “sometimes it’s like does she love me or want to murder me?”" @Lindsey Beehee says, "My husband sent me this!" And @startlightstarbright confirms, "My husband everyday..."are you mad at me?" No! It's just how I look and you're giving me a complex!"

The guys chimed in too, and their comments were pretty funny. @Jonathan W said, "Only way a man gets that look is when he’s young and from his mom. LOL" @Jon sounds a little bitter, "Only way to change that is do what she wants you to, and that’s usually not enough anyway." @Nuclearnation42 adds, "My wife did the same thing for years. It wasn’t until we had a baby and she could see baby cam video of her Uber RBF that she focused on smiling more" That one was our favorite!

And @David Herrera isn't wrong when he offers, "All I know is if she cleans, the whole family cleans." Now that's the truth!