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Wife Shares Sweet Story of Meeting Her Husband in a Grocery Store

What are the odds of this actually happening?

People always joke about meeting a significant other in the produce aisle at the grocery store, which is almost exactly what happened when @sashaclements met her now husband! Her story of how they met is too cute! You can tell just by listening to her talk about it that she is crazy about him. 

Sasha is an actress, and so is her husband, Corbin Bleu. They met by chance when he was filming a movie in Canada. His hotel was down the street from a bougie (her word, not ours) grocery store, and he went in to pick up a few items. She was there because she was trying to sell a new brand of coffee for the company she worked for. She describes seeing him for the first time and their instant vibe and connection.

It's so cute how she is gushing about how they met and doesn't realize how long she's been talking! Here's Part 2...

Isn't that a cute story?! We love that her entire family met him as he was asking her out. Fate stepped in when she told him about salsa dancing down the street.  And we love that she posted their first picture behind her as she told the story! Everything always happens for a reason!

Commenters loved hearing the story of how they met, too. @Dani Macias said, "Love this story! Sounds like destiny." @V!v says, "NETFLIX!! HALLMARK!! WHERE YOU AT!!?!?" @Diane joked, "If anyone needs me, I’ll be at Pusateri’s looking for my husband." @rose kept it real when she shared, "It’s stories like this that make me such a hopeless romantic."

We love hearing these sweet stories - they really do make us believe in destiny and true love!