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Woman's Account on Being Hit on by a Girl Is Going Viral

This story is just way too funny.

If you need a laugh, @katstickler has provided it to us all with her retelling of being hit on by a gorgeous woman.

It starts out with her saying, "I got hit on by a girl. I've been hit on by men before but being hit on by a girl just felt better, like more elite." We were already laughing at this point, and it just gets better from there. She explains that she was having lunch alone after her mom canceled last minute, "as she does", and she notices a gorgeous woman alone at the bar. She can't quit staring at her! Then this woman comes over to her table and says hello. 

The ending is the best! Kat's day has clearly been made. But we were left with questions. Did she give her her number? Are they going to hang out? How did it end?

Commenters had a good time with this one. @Vicki says, "STRONG baby bi energy in this video. Jusssst sayin..." @Remi Jo is all about it with, "Do it do it do it." @Calinue_ce's comment, "“I know, it doesn’t really matter”" was followed up by @Nicole who said, "She said it doesn’t matter because she knows you might change your mind." @Ashton Johnson agreed with, "Hahahaha she’s like, oh you will be!" @Nikke Elmore adds, "I meeeean.....worth a try? LOL"

@Lobba Love shares, "Woman affirmation just hits so different lol", and @Han & Ky made us laugh with, "KAT. KAT!!!! there’s absolutely no harm in trying!" Kat, we all want an update! Please let us know what happened!

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