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Woman's Attempt to Check Out Ex's New Girl on Facebook Goes Horribly Wrong

She'll never live this one down.

We've all done it before - tried to be sneaky and checked out an ex significant other's new boyfriend or girlfriend on social media. Well when @Gemma Hill did it, it really couldn't have gone any worse.

Gemma's video starts by describing that one time she thought she'd have a look at her ex's new girlfriend. In the video, you can tell by the look on her face that the story is not going to end well, and it definitely doesn't.

Can you even imagine? We would be mortified! She set her name as the new girlfriend's name on Facebook and didn't realize it! It was that way for hours before her friend texted her to see what the heck she was doing. That's when she realized what she had done! We can't even imagine how embarrassed she must have been! How many people saw it? Did the new girlfriend see it somehow or did someone tell her about it? We have so many questions!

As you can imagine, the commenters had lots to say about this! A lot of people have been in similar situations. @Flower202121 said, "I accidentally added his ex on Facebook and then the Internet stopped working so I couldn't cancel the request." @Clovd shares, "I once posted a direct link to the profile of my ex's current girlfriend as a status update. LOL You're not alone." @Patricia Leah Gillis made us laugh when she shared, "I once creeped an old ex's girlfriend profile and accidentally added her as a friend. We've been Facebook friends now for about 7 years." Poor @Aisha Bosa admits, "I have done this also and I wasn’t sure what happened, so I kept trying to ‘search’. Really I had wrote several statuses of just her name."

@It's me is not wrong with, "OMG this TikTok and comments are so funny while it being one of worst fears." @Mom that loves to clean says it best, "This comment section has me howling!" Us too! We're not sure if all of this support made her feel better about her cringy social media experience, but they always say that misery loves company!