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Woman's Interaction With Ex at a Bar Serves As an Important Reminder

Not everyone who's dating has actually moved on.

Have you ever run into an ex somewhere and had a conversation with them that you weren't expecting? That's exactly what happened recently to @lauren nicole.

Lauren explains she bumped into her ex at a bar last weekend, and he shared some surprising news with her. Although her TikTok is only six seconds long, she shares some important advice with her ex-boyfriend, and anybody else who might be in the same boat. This TikTok has been viewed by a lot of people, and it seems to resonate with many of them. 

Her advice is spot on! 'Go heal yourself before you wreck someone else.' Excellent advice for those who are still hurting from a breakup! It's a selfish thing to do to jump right into another relationship when you haven't gotten over the one before it. 

Commenters had a lot to say about what Lauren shared. @Band Jose says, "They always come back, to hurt you." @Vinny keeps it real with, "He’s no man …he would of said 'hey I still love u let’s fix this I’ve working on myself' instead of telling u he’s dating someone else." @Shelby shares, "literally i just had a convo with mine too, how was I able to heal alone and he’s still missing me but with someone else? make it make sense!"

And @Sarah Violet doesn't mince words with this great reminder, "Don’t ever take your exes back. It’s not worth it. They’re your ex for a reason." Well said Sarah! 

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