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Woman's Date Bails As Soon As He Sees Her and People Are Cheering Her On

Modern dating can be pretty crappy sometimes, and audacity is at an all time high with some of these people you encounter online. TikToker @HandyMirandy found out first hand when her date bailed out on her as soon as they met. In this clip, she shares the story of what happened and how she's dealing, and it's a doozy!

Yikes! That guy had a lot of nerve to flake out on her like that. What a turd! We can only imagine how shocked and disappointed she must have been when she realized what was happening. Though, as the saying goes, every cloud has silver lining. That silver lining could be that she found out what this guy was about right out of the gate and not several months in dating.  

Support is flowing in from viewership as they are chiming in to encourage @HandyMirandy to move on unapologetically.  User @rubylshannon says, "Honey that’s a new low for HIM. You are amazing." Facts! 

It looks like other users are able to relate to her story and some of the sordid experiences from online dating as well. Commenter @mid_cent70 shares some personal insight, "This happened to me and same, no filters. It’s a power play, this is his revenge on someone else not you. Carry on beautiful sister!!" Finally, @nonworkthings advises, "Find an amazing restaurant and treat yourself. Good riddance." 

In spite of what happened, it seems that @HandyMirandy has a healthy attitude and can make like Jay-Z and brush this dirt right off her shoulder. With that guy out of the way, she's sure to meet an actual good guy who will appreciate her time and presence. 

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