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TikToker Claims Bestie 'Catfished' Her and Their Group of Friends

If this really happened, it's just insane.

You know when you hear about a story, and you aren't sure what to think of it? That's how we felt when we stumbled across @Lea Dallas' catfishing TikTok. If it really happened, it's a crazy story!

Lea starts the story saying that she was having a sleepover with her four BFFs. They're all sitting around talking about their long-distance boyfriends. They all met these guys on the same social media site. She decides to login to chat with her boyfriend using her friend's computer. She's surprised by what she finds.

What?! Lea realizes that all of their boyfriends' names are in the username section on her friend's computer! What are the odds of that happening? That's when she realizes that her BFF has been catfishing the rest of them for the last year.

What happened after that? We are wondering too! So are others. @Jasmine Mullins yells, "STORY TIME NOOOOOW PLEASE!" and @Ben Eagle Feather asks, "What was the aftermath??" @Kat Arrtiago thinks that "This needs to be a movie."

Others were skeptical. @Aleyahgrace says, "A year and never FaceTime? Yea I don't believe it." @Nicole Berardi wonders, "Who only texts someone for a year?" And @Erica Flores shares, "That’s why I immediately FaceTime and voice call", with little red flag emojis.

Several commenters could relate, unfortunately. @Azzie Janee had an interesting comment: "Been there girly, that kind of heartbreak just hits different. It's weird knowing he never existed." @Lexis Zint had a similar situation happen, "Kinda same but my friend was pretending to be me online to talk to people we went to school with? Many confusing interactions afterwards." @ariel.jee shared this, "I got catfished before there was a word for it in 2008. I still go to therapy because of it."

Wow! It seems to be a pretty common thing. @Lucinda Le says what we are all thinking, "I just want to know why." So does Lea, and so do we!