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Woman Who's Sad Over Late Mom Not Meeting Her Boyfriend Gets an Incredible Surprise

We can't even believe this twist of fate!

When a TikTok has over 9 million views, you know it's going to be a good one. And this 14 second video shared by @Tai Lopez left us crying happy tears!

It starts with a young woman running towards her boyfriend. It explains that she lost her mom when she was only 7. She thought her mom was never going to be able to meet her boyfriend. The relationship must be serious for her to be thinking about that! What's the twist? We're not giving any spoiler alerts. It's worth watching so you can find out for yourself!

What are the odds? Her mom was his kindergarten teacher! They have a picture together in the school yearbook. What a twist of fate! And Tai thought so too because he captioned the video with, "I thought this only happens in movies... it’s destiny." It certainly seems to be! @A M "A N D A also thinks so saying, "THAT'S FRICKIN MAGICAL." as did @Josh_wright who said, "Imagine the moment they found this out."

They look so happy and cute together! Commenters everywhere are cheering them on. @Justdeo Lupio shared, "Fate plays a part in love and it comes in funny ways." @aberhaam offers some advice - "Woah y’all better get married." @Quyen B agrees, "You were meant to be :)" This one from @con.official_02  tugged at our heartstrings: "She knew she was teaching him how to find you."

It was so heartwarming to see all the sweet, supportive comments. We hope the two of them stay together. What an amazing story they will have to share with their kids!