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Woman's Revenge on Her Cheating Ex Couldn't Be More Brilliant

This is such a major flex!

Hands down, @izzaroze, a Brazilian singer, songwriter, and dancer wins the internet and should probably teach classes on how to get revenge on a cheating boyfriend!

Izza Roze recently found out that her boyfriend was cheating on her. So she does something BIG to get back at him for it. She wanted to make sure that he and his new girlfriend don't forget her. Our feeling is that it's not even possible given how she went about making sure she was a daily part of their lives!

Izza Roze's revenge on her ex for the win! How fantastic is her idea? To put a billboard of herself up right in front of his apartment. Just brilliant! And with almost 4 million views, we are not the only ones who like her style. One commenter nailed it with, "The level of petty is amazing, I wanna be like u when I grow up!!!!"

Overall commenters loved her revenge idea. @Chicks approves with, "Now this is a slay!" @Hennesy Honey asked, "How much was this lol… just curious?" and Izza responded with, "Revenge is priceless." She also responded to @TexasDoc3 who shared, "“Lately I’ve been dressing for revenge”, Izza's response? "Revenge is my favorite clothing item." @Daisy Foko laughed when she said, "I can’t top that, but my ex had literally JUST moved into an apartment above this shop called “Daisy’s Place” 3 days before I broke up with him LMAOOOOO" and Izza called that, "a win/win!"

@Nikki cracked us up with, "You understood the assignment." We couldn't find one commenter who thought what she did was wrong. Wonder if her ex is devising his own plan to get back at her?

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