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Woman's Update on How She's Doing After Divorce Is Priceless

Divorce is often tough for most people for various reasons, and for anyone who's ever been divorced, they know couples go through several emotional stages until they finally heal and move on for good. 

In this video, TikToker @amberlancaster007 shares this clip giving her audience a bit of an idea on how she's doing since her divorce, and we have to say, she might be the mindset queen going into 2023. 

I mean, she's not wrong. You can't blame a girl for finding the wins in the midst of her divorce depression. At this point, we just have to wonder who is foolish enough to let a woman like her get away in the first place. At any rate, it appears her attitude is in the right place and we have a feeling she's going to be okay. 

Commenters know all to well what this is like. User @pringzy34 says, "Divorce diet is the best!"Some are going through similar experiences as well. TikToker @rizingphoenix_ says, "Girl I needed ALL this energy this morning! My husband told me he’s serving me next week…right before Christmas…let me go do my hair and makeup!" Others don't seem too worried about her prospects for the future. User  @mattrainsofficial says, "You're going to do just fine, trust me."

Divorce can be difficult, but it can have it's silver linings as well. If you can't be someone's hot wife, then become their even hotter than before ex-wife. 

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