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Woman Travels 2000 Miles to Meet a Man She Met on TikTok

Everyone is invested in this story.

Would you travel 2,000 miles to meet someone you met on TikTok that you think you might have a connection with? @Patricia McDaniel decided to do it, and it turned out good for her.

Patricia's caption reads, "If you needed a sign to take that risk. This is it. Take it." The video starts out showing her getting ready for her trip. From packing to coffee at midnight, to her getting to the airport to head to Montana to meet Mr. Right. Or so she hopes.

We love at the end when it says, "Leaving with a boyfriend"... awww! It worked out! This is so sweet, and we are now totally invested in their story! So are a lot of other people. She's got over 3 million views, 183 thousand comments, and more than 2,300 comments. The comments were good too!

@Colton Jett wants to know, "WHY CANT THIS HAPPEN TO MEEE!?!?!!" @Faith Morris did something similar, and shared, "I flew 21 hours to meet a man I met off TikTok and now we are getting married!" @Jaimie had a similar experience, "I took the same risk a little over 2 years ago. We have now been married almost a year and have a little girl together." @tommytaotone asks, "Ok but what did he do to get you to do all that?" Patricia replied back to that with, "He was just himself. And God said yep, go get him." Perfect answer!

@Control Pker had a comment that made us laugh, "TinderTok needs a new name!" @Wendy Werner tries to offer up some advice, "Never go to THEM...if they aren’t playing games, they will come to you." But Patricia wasn't having it, "There’s no sense to be made in this comment, lady LOL Women aren’t paralyzed. Damn." We hope that Patricia and her new man keep us posted on how it's going, and we wish them the best!

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