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Woman's Rant After Spending 12 Hours on Bumble Is Internet Gold

The popularity of dating apps has exploded in the last decade, however some people aren't so fond of them and the experiences they're likely to have on them. 

While filtering through her many options, TikToker @absoluteflawlessfeatures is not pleased at all with Bumble, and she's not shy to explain why. She details her story in a rant on TikTok, and we have to say, she's got some valid points on this one. 

She isn't a happy camper, is she? And to be honest, we can't blame her. Sometimes the pool of candidates on dating apps can seem like a complete freak show, and our hearts go out to those who are voyaging through all the muck that is out there. 

From the looks of it, many viewers agree as well.  User @sara_lara34 says, "Online dating is full of narcissists looking for their next victim it’s just not worth the time effort or headache." We can understand that. Viewer @titothepintsizedshihtzu says, "Omg this is so spot-on. Bumble was a nightmare!"

Commenter @_alexmclean says, "I'm always shocked by 50, looking for casual and wants kids one day. like, how many years do you think you've got, guys??" The truth is, many men are being lied to by a narrative that says they should screw around and not take relationships seriously until they're well into their middle ages. That one may be a different discussion for a different day. 

On the other hand, commenter @dennispaul33ccmc has a bit of a different perspective on the matter. "Nothing wrong with men in their 30s not being married and no kids. Means we’ve dodged massive bullets. Men my age are restarting after the first divorce."

We get it! It can be rough out there. At some point, consider whether or not dating apps are for you. Sometimes, it's better to meet someone the old fashion way, or "in the wild," as I like to say. 

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