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Man's Explanation for Why Wives Aren't Attracted to Their Husbands Is Too Real

This makes a whole lot of sense.

This guy really knows what he's talking about. He gets it. The TikTok that Tim, @beyond.driven, recently posted is pretty powerful, whether you're a man or a woman.

Tim explains why wives don't always want to be intimate with their husbands. It's not because they don't want "it", it's more about how they are feeling. It's a long video compared to most TikToks, but it's worth the watch. 

With over 4 million views and 13 thousand comments, it's pretty obvious that others are interested in what Tim has to say about marriage and intimacy as well. Simply put, empathy is the bridge to intimacy. What does that mean? Well, it means that you have to value and respect your partner, pay attention to him or her. While he is speaking directly to men, it works both ways.

Women had a lot to say on the subject. @Girroflee shares, "I’m treated like a maid, coworker, roommate all day. Almost impossible to switch gears to lover at the drop of a hat." @KT says, "POV: You wish your husband could understand & you could send this to your husband, but you know it will go nowhere, & probably start an argument." @Dillopoly is right when she explains, "20+ years of marriage counseling in one TikTok post."

The guys had lots to say as well. @Kelly James Gardner shares, "I’m glad my wife sent me this. Ladies of your considering sending this to your husband or sig other, DO IT." @Bassicskills also added, "The world is cold man. Sometimes I get caught up in that and neglect the most important thing, my wife/best friend. Good to have this reminder."

It's a great reminder for anybody in a long-term relationship, and we're glad Tim shared this advice!