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Man's Impersonation of Wives in November Has Us in Stitches

This is so true!

If you're a fan of the most wonderful time of the year - that would be Christmas season that we're talking about - you're going to love this TikTok shared by @Taylor Tijerina...whether you're a man or woman!

The video starts with Taylor impersonating his wife: her hair wrapped up in a towel with her long nails accentuated by yellow polish (we think the nails are the funniest part of the whole thing!) The conversation that ensues is one that's being had in countless houses around the country right now. It's spot on!

Isn't it hilarious? Wives can be impatient when they're ready to get those Christmas decorations up. We don't want to have to ask more than once! @Haley Arredondo confirms this when she says, "We don’t want them in a little bit, we want them now!"

Commenters loved the impersonation too. @Heather speaks the truth with, "Actually I start getting them myself 30 seconds after I asked…and I’ll have an attitude while doing it." @Alexia agrees with, "No we just sigh really loud and do it ourselves LOL" And @DonutStopBelievin explains, "When she asks, she means it right at that second lol!"

Other commenters were surprised by who his wife called - the handyman down the street. @allisoncooke875 shares, "I’d be calling my dad LOL", as did @keswick who said, "I really thought she was calling her dad lmaooo! Cause that’s what I would do." And @Terry Clinard made us laugh when she said, "My husband would be like go ahead and call Jeff. I’ll have him a beer for when he is done. Lol."

@Christina Fugate gets it, too: "This is so true. I don't know why I still share these videos with my husband. It just confirms how crazy I am." Same here, Christina!

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