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Wedding That Takes Place in a 'Wine Cave' Is Too Good to Be True

Just when you thought you've seen it all! These days, it seems wedding ceremonies are becoming more interesting and creative than ever, and this one is no different. 

In this clip shared by BridalVogue that declares, "2023 is about the unique, personalized wedding," we see the beautiful setup of a wedding ceremony located in a wine cave, of all places, and it's just too cool for school. 

How awesome is this idea?! We're thinking that if you're going to have a smaller ceremony, this is one heck of a way to do it. I mean, how many people can say they've been married (or attended a wedding) in a wine cave? The arrangements and decorations are perfect and it all looks so well put together, and we can assume that they've gotten drinks covered as far as accommodations go. 

Many viewers are finding this wedding idea fascinating with the various vibes it's giving off. One user, @gracieeegorlll, says "It’s giving chic Whoville." Other the other hand, user @gayweddingdreams seems to have one reservation about the concept, "My claustrophobia says no."

Meanwhile, other viewers are totally here for it. Commenter @saammm.a says, "Yes, yes and more YES" while @samkomaworld adds, "Every bit of this!"

It's safe to say they nailed being unique and personalized. Though exchanging your vows in a wine cave may be a tight squeeze, we have to hand it them for coming up with quite a creative idea on this one. Now there's only one question left on our minds, what are people going to think of next?