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Wife Forgets Her Wedding Ring and Husband's Reaction Is Priceless

How does one just "forget" their wedding ring, you might ask. Well, if you've never been married, then you might not know that many people don't wear their ring 100% of the time. Some people take off their ring to clean around the house, or to have their ring cleaned every so often, etc. 

In this TikTok clip from @rachelelizabth2017, she see how one couple hilariously decides to have fun when she forgets her wedding ring while out to dinner with her husband. 

This is pretty funny! Some husbands might get upset when they see their wife without her wedding ring on, but at least this guy has a good sense of humor about it. 

Those watching this clip find this hilarious as well, and it's actually surprising to see how many people have similar experiences. Some share how they tease each other when no ring is spotted. Commenter @bonniekay37 says, "Sometimes he will kiss me in public and go “you're the best sister ever." Haha! We bet that one gets a few looks over their way!

User @emj_97 adds, "When my husband makes me mad I always pretend I’m a mistress. He gets so uncomfortable, I be like “so where does your wife think you’re at?” and viewer @torijoyc says, "I do this to my husband! I forget my ring all the time so if he's on his phone I go "you promised not to text HER when we're together!" 

Sometimes it's just so much fun to tease with your spouse when you're out in public. It's all in good fun, and if you can't poke fun at each other once in a while, then do you even have a partner? 

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