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Husband's Reaction to Wife's 'Spicy' Christmas Outfit Is Too Much

They really are the cutest couple.

How do you spice up your sex life during the holidays? Maybe pick up a 'spicy' Mrs. Claus costume to surprise your man! That's what @Hunna and Lib did, and it worked!

The video starts by Lib showing off a sexy little holiday costume that she picked up for Hunna. She looks adorable, and even has on a little Santa hat. She walks into the kitchen, and when Hunna turns around you can see the shock on his face. He likes what he sees!

First thing he says is "Have I been on the naughty list this year?", but he means it in a good way! Then he goes on to say that he's in love, and she laughs and says "I thought you were already in love!" And we LOLd when he said, "Mrs. Claus, come to Santa!" They're too cute!

The commenters got a kick out of the video too. @Brooks says, "Love his reaction!" @Katie Backup agrees and says, "His reaction is priceless!" @Trevor Allen advises, "If you want it put a ring on it." Steve's day was made and he says, "Love you two! Makes me smile a lot." @Baby boy also liked Lib's outfit and shares, "Oh my gosh, she is the most cutest goddess ever!" @Pen Bandit made us laugh with, "A true man gives up Buccees gummy worms for Momma Claus!" And @AJ was not the only guy thinking, "That lucky SOB!"

We love Hunna and Lib's content and hope they keep sharing it with us! 

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