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Wife's Unexpected Words About Her Husband's Ex Serve As an Important Reminder

Not all divorces have to be contentious.

Well, @ReesaLake gave us all the feels with this sweet speech! She talks about a friend, and how important she is to her, and why she is such an amazing friend. Let us just say we all hope that one of our own friends would describe us with such love and grace!

The kicker here? The friend she is talking about is her husband's ex-wife, Christina! Yep, she's not only describing a friend, but her husband's ex and mother to her stepson. Through laughter and tears, she tells a room full of people how wonderful it is to have Christina as part of her life. She goes on to say that being a stepmom wasn't always easy, but from day one Christina welcomed her into her life. Just watch. It's the sweetest!

Reesa proves that dealing with exes and co-parenting doesn't have to be disruptive to those involved. This is #relationshipgoals for sure, whether you are Reesa, Christina, or even her husband! They're all doing it out of love for her stepson, Mason. And that takes a lot of maturity and respect. Reesa's words are so kind, and you can tell she is speaking from the heart. And her followers love that she shared this! @megandoclenny says, "I love this. My husband's ex has always let me be a mom to our kids too. This is how I feel about her." @Denise Bolling345 exclaims, "Christina sounds like a GD queen!" to which Reesa replies, "She is!" 

@Miss piggy hits the nail on the head when she says, "This is EVERYTHING. So, so much respect. How lucky are kids to have the love of bonus parents and a united family." @kelhippiechick gets it right, too: "AND THIS FOLKS IS HOW IT SHOULD BE!!! Thanks for some great adulting!!"

Let love, and good parenting, win! The world definitely needs more Reesa and Christinas raising our babies.