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Wife Ruins the Spirit of Christmas for Her Husband with a Single Comment

It's sad, but so true.

Well this short video that @The Speech Prof shared is not a bright and happy holiday video. In fact, it might even make you sad.

Simply captioned "The joy of aging", Speech Prof says that out of nowhere his wife said something to him that clearly upset him. He literally had tears in the video. He says what his wife said, and it broke our hearts.

"All of the santas we visited as children are dead." That's true for so many of us, and what a Christmas bummer! He wraps the video up with, "Happy holidays everybody." It definitely kills that holiday cheer when you put it that way.

Commenters were supportive. @Tina Smerchansky shouts, "WHY WOULD SHE SAY THAT?!?!?!?" @Maine_mama1969 looked to the bright side with, "Probably not. As children we think folks are way older than they actually are." Several others agreed. @Claire Marie shared, "I actually work at a Santa booth now WITH the Santa’s I used to see as a kid!" @Ryan Martin gets the point that Prof is trying to make, "I think this about laugh tracks during old sitcoms. A lot of the people laughing in the background of those sitcoms are dead." And @Kat bummed us all out again when she said, "Joke's on you, my parents never let me meet Santa."

@Madi's comment made our heart happy when she added, "My Santa, who I call the “real” one, is the same as when I was little! Hopeful to get a picture with my 6-month-old!" We hope you get that picture too, Madi!

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