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Wife's Refusal to Wait for Husband's Help Backfires Miserably

She'll never live this down.

You know when you're think you're being helpful, but it goes completely sideways quickly? That's exactly what happened to Grace of @rioandgrace when she tried to help her husband move some things.

The couple is moving their belongings into their new place, and she thought she could handle the big, bulky TV that she pulls out of the trunk of the car. The caption reads, "I felt my soul leave my body", and that alone tells you how her attempt is going to go. 

She says she's so happy their ring doorbell caught this moment, but we're guessing she's really not! The look of pure disbelief on her face says, "What did I just do?!" This TikTok has over 14 million views, a million likes, and almost 6 thousand comments. 

Comments were just as good as the video, but not everybody bought that it was real. @Monique says, "She carried that so awkward no wonder she dropped it!" But @john stubbs isn't buying it, "I can't believe people think, this is real." @daryllightfoot190 added, "Let's be serious here, that TV would have weighed next to nothing", and Rio replied with, "She’s weak AF bro, she doesn’t lift," trying to defend his wife. @7 says, "iPhone 14 is their doorbell camera", and more than 15 thousand commenters liked that statement.

We agree with @PinkPanther who laughed, "The TV is the best actor in this skit!" @Nicole Stewart laughed, "Next thing you know the ring doorbell sees her leaving, inside the suitcase!" @Phill Mitchell adds, "I'm a strong independent woman!" to which Grace replies, "Yes! It's what I identify as LOL!" Whether you believe it was staged or not, it was pretty funny to watch!

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