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Wife Tricks Husband into Thinking Tampons Come in Different Flavors

He was so confused.

If you need a laugh today, we found it! @alisonkoroly decided to prank her husband by telling him that tampons come in different flavors, and he totally fell for it!

The video starts by Alison (we're guessing here) sitting on the toilet waiting for her husband to bring her a tampon. When he brings her one and hands it to her, she says, "Um, this is lemon. I think it's going to be too sour." The look on his face is absolutely priceless, and the conversation just gets funnier from there.

She asks him to bring her a green apple or mango tampon! Her husband is so confused! His mind has clearly been blown by this new information. He had no idea that they came in flavors. "You can taste it?", to which she replies, "Well yeah it gets into your would be gross if it didn't have any flavor". We were LOLing! But the last part of the video is the absolute best when he asks, "Babe, what happens if I put this in my butthole?" We were dying! We wish Alison would've shared what happened when she finally told him she was pranking him.

Surprisingly, this video only has a couple of thousand views, a little over 80 likes, and 2 comments. We thought it was hilarious and are waiting for it to go viral! @lisari_pad left a comment with two laughing emojis, while @msd.18 said, "This made my day already LOL"! It totally made our day, too! 

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