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Woman Has Husband Pay for His Anniversary Gift and People Have Feelings

Maybe she doesn't have money of her own.

No doubt about it, people had BIG opinions about this video posted by @sairaayan__, and honestly some of their reactions are worth reading through 500 comments!

The video shares a back and forth text exchange between hubby and wife. Saira asks her husband to send her a pic of his favorite shoes, which he quickly does. He asks why she was asking, and she tells him that she's going to get them for him for their upcoming anniversary. But there's a catch...

So she's going to buy him the very expensive shoes as an anniversary present...with his money! Now let's consider the fact that maybe she doesn't work outside of the home and so she doesn't make her own money. People always say it's the thought that counts, right? The best part of the whole text exchange though is that once he finds out he's paying for them, he decides that instead of the Air Jordans he'll settle for Nike Air Forces instead. He's frugal with his money, not hers! @no thought that this was the best part of the video, laughing when he says, "'get me some Air Forces.'"

And commenters had a lot of fun dissecting the text exchange. @kaiernn_ wants to know, "Where do I find a 'your money is my money' guy?" @AMika11 isn't wrong when she says, "Yes love this! Energy shout out to all the husbands including mine holding it down for your princesses."

There were tons of emojis only comments, LOLing the whole conversation. What's for certain is that commenters thought it was hilarious how quickly he changed his mind once he found out he was paying for it!