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Man's Parody of Talking to His Wife After 'Guys Night' Makes Us LOL

He hit the nail right on the head!

Women everywhere will totally relate to this! If your husband or significant other ever goes out with friends, @Trey Kennedy's parody is the exact conversation that happens between the two of you when he gets home. 

Trey's caption, "Not sure what we talked about, but I had the time of my life" pretty much sums up the conversation. Trey's wife asks him questions, and Trey doesn't have any answers. 

Trey can't answer his wife's questions because him and the guys didn't talk about anything she's asking about! One friend is going through a rough time. Trey had no idea. Another got his dream job. Again, Trey had no idea. Then his wife asks what they did talk about, and Trey doesn't know that either. So typical!

Commenters were there for it. @Books_after_dark shares, "My husband’s friend GOT SHOT and after they hung out, I asked how it happened and he said, “I didn’t ask” WHAT?!" @Leah Shelton made us laugh with, "Yet I still irrationally hold out hope that, one day, he will, in fact, come home from boys’ night with the tea." All of us do, Leah. @Silverthehedgie nails it with, "Yea babe he’s going through a rough time, so we went out and got drinks. “What is he going through” I don't know but we got drinks and he’s better now."

We laughed when @JennM showed up with, "My dad has a friend he’s known for decades and he did not know this man’s actual first name." @AsianLA's comment was the best with, "One of my friends announced to our group that he was getting married. It shocked everyone because that’s how we found out he was dating someone." We guess this is proof that guy friendships are much different than women friendships!

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