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Wife Asks Husband If He Wants to 'Get Out of Here' and His Response Is Perfect

He didn't understand the assignment at first.

We love this couple! They always make us laugh. The cultural differences between them definitely lead @carloandsarah to have some funny conversations, and we're here for them!

Sarah asks Carlo if he 'wants to get out of here'...meaning, you know, that she wants to get frisky and have sex! Carlo is not understanding what she is asking him, but when he finally does, his response is awesome!

The best part of the entire conversation is when he winks back at her! We laughed out loud! He had no idea what was going on, and he was definitely not understanding what she really was asking him. But the moment he does? The look on his face says it all!

Commenters loved it too! @SuperBeaner420 laughs, "He was on it once he figured it out lol" @Youngman laughed at, "“Why I have to go out?”" @Jenbrix8 was a fan of the wink too, "It was him mimicking your wink and then instantly realizing!" @ItsJustBella230 says, "It’s when he realizes “oh no not that!” Look at how he holds his hands, he’s so sweet!"

@Jake Vann has some advice for Sarah with, "You better meet that man in the BAFROOM! He is your husband!" @Khailen Kylen was glad when Carlo finally got it, "He is so innocent yet still understood the assignment." @Eva Giginis shares, "He’s so eager and adorable!" We liked @Quinn's comment too, "LOL it took him a little bit to get there, but when he did!"

We're wondering if the happy couple actually got out of there, wink wink!

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