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Man's Reaction to Wife Dressing Up for the First Time in 25 Years is Everything

We absolutely love this!

If this isn't love, we don't know what is! @niftynest - also known as Erin -shared this short and sweet video and we absolutely adored it!

She explains that her husband really hasn't seen her get dressed up since their wedding day almost 25 years ago. She does her hair, her makeup (red lipstick for the first time ever!), and a gorgeous dress that shows off her legs. Then she waits by the front door to surprise home when he gets home.

The look on his face! He just fell in love with Erin all over again! Our favorite part is when he says, "Wow!" and drops his briefcase! @DIANA FAYE agreed, "Aww the way he looks at you." We love this so much! 

And we weren't the only ones. With over a million views, almost 200 thousand likes, and more than 1,900 comments, people wanted the couple to know what they thought. @Simona shares, "Welp there go the waterworks. That’s true love right there, you are a beautiful woman & you make a wonderful couple!" @Niki's Side of CleanTok swoons, "You stopped him dead in his tracks! You look amazing!!!"@Abby Prokot is spot on with, "You’re a natural beauty so I don’t doubt that you don’t get fancied up! Stunning both ways." @msd2284 exclaims, "His reaction is priceless! You can feel the love through the screen!" We agree!

@Teacher of Munchkins had our favorite comment, "That look on his face showed he adores you in pj's and slippers...the "fancy" just took his breath away! #Reallove" Real love indeed! That's relationship goals!

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