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Wife Getting Disabled Husband Ready for 'Date Night' Is the Picture of True Love

In love, when we stand at the altar and declare our vows, we promise to love our partner for better or worse, or in sickness and in health. We are happy and proud to support and serve our husband or wife in whatever it is they need, and that includes caregiving for a spouse with a physical disability. 

TikToker @the_stroups shares a glimpse into their lives as husband and wife, while husband deals with a serious physical disability. In this clip, they're getting ready for date night, and their story is a definitely testament of their love to each other. 

This is so touching! Moments like this can be difficult for both parties involved. One one hand, you have the challenge of losing your independence which is tough, and the other one worries about doing their best tending to the needs of their partner. When you truly love someone, that love will be the driver behind being there for each other every step of the way. 

Viewers everywhere are touched by this heartfelt couple during this moving moment. User @bethhanieking adds, "The definition of 'in sickness and in health.' You’re incredible!!" Some see this first hand on a daily basis. Commenter @katiewilson130 says, "As a nurse, I see so many families and relationships destroyed by illness. It's so heartwarming to see you two and how you care for him."

User @qqqwwweee9690 says, "You guys are what a pure representation of what love in both sickness and health looks like. So many people look up too you guys. Never stop sharing your story. Prayers too you guys!"

The power of true love is so great, that regardless of what injuries, illness, or tragedies we face, we know we're always there for each other. As husband and wife, we remain partners for life, until death do us part. 

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