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Husband's Joke About Wife 'Cheating' on Him on Girls Trip Is Priceless

We love a dude with a sense of humor.

There's nothing better than a husband with a sense of humor. @jeff_given and his wife have been married for 10 years. She went on a girl's trip recently and called him to tell him that she was going to see a guy she's been in love with for years.

Was she going to cheat? Jeff wasn't sure so he flew out to where she was to find out what was going on. And while it sounds dramatic, it really isn't as bad as it sounds. After finding out who his competition was, Jeff's caption reads, "I get it." 

Do you get it? We get it after realizing the guy she was talking about was Harry Styles! They went to the concert together and both had an amazing time. Turns out now they're both in love with Harry! We love Jeff's humor and the fun he had with all the lead-in suspense!

With over 2 million views, commenters had some fun comments. @Botoxed Witch had the best comment with, "Now have her meet your girlfriend, Taylor Swift!" @Bondi Rescue said simply, "Couple goals!" @Penny said, "Love the plot twist." We did too! 

Women also shared their love for Harry. @Tessa Shenel Spurk swooned, "If my man isn’t also in love with Harry, I don’t want him." @Kate_Lynn_B said, "I mean how can you not fall in love with Harry?" @Lisa Mom Bruh, laughed, "I mean who doesn’t love Harry! You are a good husband!" Jeff's wife Courtney even weighed in! She jokingly shared, "Thank you for supporting my affection for Harry styles!"

This TikTok was all about sarcasm, but some people didn't pick up on it. @Amanda Edge Pownall commented, "Should have trusted her." Jeff replied what we were all thinking when we read the comment, "You didn’t hear any sarcasm?" 

We are glad that the love affair worked out for the two of them. We're also hoping maybe Harry will comment!

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