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Wife's Reaction to Being Called 'Baby Mama' Is Just the Best

Her reaction is so cute!

We think @Cam and Mal are one of the cutest couples on TikTok, and now that they're pregnant with their first baby, we get to see all kinds of gushy, sweet interactions between them. They recently shared a video of Cam calling Mal 'Baby Mama', and her reaction is too cute!

It starts with Mal walking out the door and Cam saying, "Hey Baby Mama" to greet her. The look on her face goes from her everyday look to a look of delighted surprise! What she says next is just precious!

"I've been promoted!" She sure has! Then when she says that he's now a 'baby daddy' and he says, "So you're gonna start calling me daddy?", we laughed out loud! The whole exchange was just the best. In their caption, they hashtag 'couplegoals', and they're not wrong!

Commenters enjoyed the exchange as well. @John Walcott is all of us when he says, "Loving the baby mama energy!" @Nick from sd shared, "I always greeted my wife with “Hi oven! How’s the bun?”" @Ola laughed at, ""You gave me one" like the man just handed her some sweets LOL". @Jeremy Miers adds, "I remember the first video when you called her baby momma and she said you had to give her one first. Welp here we are!" 

We agree with @Kitty Kat who said, "This is so wholesome", and with @Nate S, "The way her smile brightens when she says she got promoted is so pure!" And @sauceboss_412 had our favorite comment with, "The universe really said these two are going to be awesome together." They really are a perfect match!

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