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Wife Hilariously Acts Like Her Husband in Video We Can't Resist

Anyone up for some domestic role reversal? Well, that's exactly what one woman does in a hilarious video making its rounds on TikTok. 

In this clip, Savannah parades around the house, acting as her husband, and let's just say, she hits the nail right on the head with this one. 

Someone give her an academy award! It looks like she's having a blast playing the part of her husband around the house. It's hard to explain, but when a woman puts a hat on backwards, something just happens and she goes into full dude mode. Regardless, it funny to watch!

It appears as though many people are enjoying this bit as well. Viewer @cannibal603 is looking for recommendations. "Where can I find one of these? I like this brand of man." Right?! If this is how the man truly acts, then she's got it made. I mean, the guy is cleaning so he's already miles ahead right out of the gate. Commenter @p.rinxe says, "I’m so glad I’m not the only one who’s man has to get silly to clean." That does seem a bit peculiar, but hey whatever works! Who are we to argue? Another viewer, @mommy_underthemoon, says, "Alright but this is what marriage is." Definitely agree on that one. 

One thing is for sure, this couple likes to laugh and have fun, and that's pretty cool. All we need now is another one where he does his best impersonation of her. Now that, we bet, would be equally as hilarious.