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Widower's Story About Instinctively Texting His Late Wife Breaks Our Hearts

We can't even imagine how tough this must be.

This one is going to tug at your heartstrings, for sure. @beyondstarlight is a young man who is also a widower. His profile doesn't give his name or any details, but through the TikTok he posted, we learn his bride's name was Brittany. It's clear that he's absolutely still in love with her and missing her.

The video shows him sitting in his car. He wanted to stop and get a drink at Sonic. He realizes that a new drink option has been added to the app that he uses to order his drink to get half off prices. He then goes on to explain why this is so important to him. 

Are you in tears? We were after watching this! Our hearts break for him. Anytime something exciting or important happens, our first instinct is to want to share it with the person who is the most important to us. He wanted to tell Brittany she could get her drink on the app now. We just want to give him a big hug!

And we weren't alone in wanting to support him. @Aldercie shared, "That first "OMG I need to let them know" is the hardest. That realization is a gut punch." @Bailey Madison wanted him to know, "Sending so much love. I’ve been there. It’s the little things. She knows, she’s just as excited as you were. Changes in the world they’re no longer in are still special."

Other commenters also believe that Brittany got his message. @Danielle says, "That was her letting you know she’s with you!" as did @Hannah Brooks Mustin who said, "And now we all will be ordering one in honor of her riding around with an extra drink!" @Sonic even replied to him with, "Our hearts are with you."

There were lots of comments about him needing to get one of her drinks for her, and he did! He ended up doing another TikTok showing the drink on top of her gravestone. He said TikTokers demanded it. We hope he can feel all the love that everybody is sending him!