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Man Explains the Brutal Truth for Why Men Ghost Women

This is so sad but so true.

Why do men ghost women? Well according to Andrew, the answer is pretty simple. Whether it's the truth or not, we don't know. But it does make sense.

If you've ever been ghosted, you know how frustrating it can be. All communication stops for no reason and with no explanation given. You wonder why and what went wrong. It's not cool. Andrew calls it a 'chess move' that allows guys to keep the upper hand, and you on the hook.

"If the man doesn't close the door, it's technically still open," giving him time to go "hound dog around the neighborhood with old Betty Beaver". We laughed out loud at that one! So basically, if he doesn't break up with you completely (which isn't good for his numbers), the door is still open which means there's still a chance. 

Comments were all over the place after watching this video. @Jenny had some good advice with, "Ladies, you have the power, use it! They ghost, show them you can ghost even better. Bye boy." @Erineliz43 isn't wrong when she says, "Then you get that “hey stranger” text...boy, bye hahah" @Purringleo throws out a challenge, "Ladies let’s flip the script & when they communicate again play along. Make a date and stand them up then ghost when they ask what happened." @Misty Marie's game is already on point with, "And even though he’s in my contacts I respond with “who’s this?” #humblehim"

By far, commenters like @Tracy loved "Betty Beaver LOL" Andrew replied back with, "Messy Bessy? I didn’t know which to go with." But our favorite comment came from McKenzie who shares, "Lol in summary: if you allow him to treat you like an option he will." She nailed it with that comment!

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