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Man Explains Why So Few Men Are Good in Bed

Ladies, have you ever wondered why so many sexual experiences with men end up awkward, strange, or just flat out disappointing? You might have convinced yourself that it must be you, or that your expectations might be too high. Well, they're likely not. The truth is, very few men are actually any good in bed. 

In this clip, @howtomantv shares insight into why so many men simply lack skills in the bedroom. We have to say, what he's saying makes perfect sense! 

This is one man who certainly knows what he's talking about. So many men learn about the basics and logistics of sex through what they see on the internet, in movies,  and what they hear from friends, but that isn't the whole picture of all that sex really is, not by a long shot.  

Viewers are sounding off on this topic as well. Commenter @suzanneem says, "It’s about feeling safe and connected," and @lizdavey1 says, "Communication. Tell them what you like, and what you don’t." Another viewer, @aurora_del_rae, says, "Was just trying to explain this to my husband who has no idea how amazing he is."

Sadly, many young men have this idea that sex is about arousal, penis in vagina, orgasms, and how it feels great. However, that is a very surface level perspective. Sex is about connecting, intimacy, and learning more about each other and growing that bond you're building and further developing the relationship. It's safe to say that culturally, we could be doing a lot better at making sure this is properly understood. 

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