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Woman Shares the Reason Why Guys Change Overnight

Have you ever been seeing someone and everything seems to be going great. There's chemistry, you have a lot in common, and you're having tons of fun together, then all of a sudden...BAM! They've gone cold and seem totally uninterested out of nowhere. But is it really out of nowhere, or is there a reason you might not be aware of?  

TikToker Sabrina opens up and shares thoughts on her experience and the conclusion she comes to, let's just say, is very interesting. 

How frustrating it must have been for her to seem to connect so well with someone only to have them run cold on you at the drop of a hat. That's going to be quite a disappointment for sure. While her conclusion makes sense and may have some truth to it, there may be other factors at play here, and it looks like the viewership in the comments are pulling up propose one possibility they believe she may have missed. 

User @nadiakader informs, "No. The circumstances did not change. He just got what he wanted so the chase was over. He was never in for the long game." On a similar note, @chajdaly says, "Directly after the hook up he went into 'Oh I'm not sure' mode. You are refusing to see what's right in front of you." In other words, to put it bluntly as @nicolewilliamsrealestate does, "Cookie was given." 

Regardless of what the real reason for this guy's sudden shift in attitude, viewer @avy_naran advises,  "Everyone is ready…for the right person. The important thing is, you are the right person, for someone, not this one, just keep it moving." We couldn't have said it better ourselves! 

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