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Podcaster Shares What Most People Say Upon Climaxing

Have you ever thought about what you say out loud while climaxing? Maybe you moan, or scream your partner's name, or perhaps you say nothing at all. We all have our own "style."  

In this video, podcaster @theaubreymarcus discusses this very subject as they share the most common things people saying while during orgasm. Needless to say, most of us have either said or heard these before. 

We can't say we're surprised on those. Those two things perfectly express what we're feeling in the moment. Though, of course there are several variations one might use. "We intuitive know that at that moment, we're in contact. We're in contact with the divine." What a beautiful - and true - statement!

Viewers aren't disagreeing much either. User @eye_yam_what_eye_yam says, "Usually 'oh my god' but if it’s REAL good, I can’t even muster up any words," while @glitterfitlife throws it back, 40 Year Old Virgin style, "I say ohhh Kelly Clarkson."

Viewers also noticed something else in this clip, a little flirtatious energy going on, maybe? Commenter @ashmelo12 says, "Looks like they tested out that theory, as soon as camera was off." We'll leave the two of them to make the call on that one! 

How often do we really think about what we say out loud when we climax and what that means? Perhaps this is a conversation that doesn't quite the attention it deserves. 

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