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Video of Brother Exposing Groom's Texts at Wedding Reception Is So Emotional

This is just way too sweet.

Get your tissues out because you're going to need them to watch this TikTok shared by @More Than Media. This is the sweetest, most emotional best man speech that we've seen. It'll make your heart flip flop.

The video starts at Tyler and Rachel's wedding reception. The groom's brother is giving his best man speech and says that he's going to read a couple of text conversations he had with his brother a few years back. You can see the look on Tyler's face - it is saying "Wait, what?" Probably out of fear of what those texts might say! He clearly had nothing to worry about. 

Is that not the sweetest thing you've seen all week? We have watched the video more than once and cried more than once! His brother's so emotional and his words are filled but nothing but love. You can see and feel the brothers' love for each other! This was absolutely the best give that Tyler's brother could have possibly given to the couple.

@empressangin says what we all are feeling with, "I love that you can feel the love between the brothers and just hear how happy he is for his brother. I am way too emotional for this!" @Brent Huziar comments, "The emotion behind this hits so hard." to which More Than Media replied back, "Editing it was impossible."

We knew it was going to be emotional as soon as the brother started - his voice was already shaking. @thetalijane knew it to saying, "Why did I start crying when he said ‘I met a girl’?"

Our favorite comment came from @ParticipationTrophyWife who asked, "Can you imagine being the groomsman’s wife? Gah! I’d fall in love with him all over again listening to this!" So would we!

Congrats to Tyler and Rachel. Tyler, your brother's a keeper too!