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Bride and Groom's Epic Wedding Reception Entrance Fail Is Going Viral

The video has over 38 million views.

Talk about making a grand entrance! @itsmekpkpkp - also known as Kassie - recently shared a TikTok of a bride and groom walking into their wedding reception, only it doesn't go as planned!

From her comments, it seems that Kassie was a guest at this wedding. Since she posted the video, it has millions of views...almost 40 million to be exact. The video shows the happy couple dancing their way into their wedding reception. The groom picks up his bride, and starts spinning her around, really putting on a show! What happens next is, well, OUCH!

It seems that the wedding happened in Cabo San Lucas. Maybe it was the humidity or something, but the floor must've been damp. Talk about an epic fall...we mean falls! The newlyweds fell not once, but twice! He's a big guy and she's tiny so when he landed on her it had to have hurt! And the commenters noticed, too. @Niki Claire says, "The way he kept trying. Sir, let her go," and @Lucy commented with, "Not once but twice…" @Janine wonders, "Omg he fell so hard the first time—is she alright?!" We wondered the same thing!

And for those of us overthinkers, @loloshells sighs and says, "I would lay awake at night thinking about this for the rest of my life." So would we.

Except there's a twist to this story. After all the views and almost 33,000 comments, Kassie, who originally shared the video, let's us all know that this is NOT the bride and groom! She goes on to say, "THIS IS NOT THE BRIDE & GROOM. You all need to live a little!!! This was the best bridal party entrance I have seen. Beautiful wedding!!"

Well, we hope whoever they were that they ended up being okay! We're sure there were some bumps and bruises but hope it didn't ruin the celebration for them!