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Man's Plea to Be Invited to Every Wedding This Year Is Just Too Good

This guy is a total vibe!

Who doesn't love a good wedding? Most people go to weddings for the reception because that's where all the fun happens. But in @Moyo's case, the party happened before the wedding even started, and now he wants to go to all the weddings!

Moyo attended a friend's Muslim wedding. He said that the energy was vibing before the wedding, at the entrance to the wedding. He had so much fun and now wants to be invited to all the weddings he can!

We love Moyo's energy! If we were getting married, we'd totally extend an invitation to him! Our favorite part is when he says he wants to go to all the weddings, "I don't care if you're Jewish, Sikh, Christian, Catholic, cat, dog, monkey, or giraffe, invite me to the weddings!" 

Commenters had lots of good vibes, too! @Thv said, "South Asian Weddings are the BEST. They are all lit!" @Ruthie adds, "Plus there's no alcohol!!!! Thats how you know it's GOOD!" @C!Quakity IRL says, "I’ve had 28 weddings this year." That's a lot of weddings! @Raven adds in, "He part of the fam now."

Moyo wanted wedding invites, and he got them! There were a ton of comments inviting him to weddings, especially from commenters who aren't even in a relationship right now! @Jamila Maina says, "Will definitely invite you when the groom decides to stop fooling around and look for me, his Mrs. Right.", as does @bhad who says, "I will invite you if I ever get married." 

@Rhapsody Heat's comment wins with, "I’m inviting you to my wedding but as the groom. Thanks."

All in all, comments were a lot of fun on Moyo's TikTok. Must be from all that energy that he exudes!