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Relationship Coach Shares 5 Ways We Can Tell We're Wasting Our Time

Have you ever been in a new relationship and had that sneaking suspicion that you might be wasting your time? How can you know for sure? One woman on TikTok is giving the scoop we all need to know. 

In this video, relationship coach Kimberly breaks down the five signs someone might be wasting your time, and trust us, you'll want to pay attention to these. 

These are all excellent tips! These talking points can be boiled down to the core fundamental that someone isn't invested or putting in effort towards making a connection. 

It seems many viewers are paying heed to Kimberly's advice. Some have specific time metrics in mind, like commenter @angel_11212 who shares, "I give a man three months to decide what he really wants… if he says I’m not ready BYE boo!" Similarly, user @howdy_ho69 adds, "Yeah I’m not going to waste time and energy on someone who isn’t reciprocating any of it." Yes! Reciprocity is critical in any relationship. 

However, commenter @msr_198o says, "See, I’m a ‘yep’ for all five, and I know it. But my problem is I won’t walk away from him because I love him."

To that, we have to wonder, do you really love him or do you love the fantasy version of him? If you do truly love him, can you honestly say that you love the way he treats you? You can totally love a person and still recognize the way they show up in your life isn't in your best interest. As Samantha Jones famously said in Sex and the City, "I love you, but I love me more." 

Of course, no one is perfect, and we all have moments where we aren't showing up in others lives to the best of our ability. But, when certain behaviors are a pattern, that's going to prove to be a problem, and while you may care for that person, at some point... you just have to love you more. 

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