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Expert Shares 5 Warning Signs of Dating a Narcissist

The term "narcissist" gets thrown around a lot these days, partially due to our social media/selfie/"look at me" driven world. However, Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) isn't the same as being self absorbed. It's a mental health condition that only can be officially diagnosed by a licensed psychiatrist. 

TikToker @wanderwendywonders shares this clip of the Mel Robbins Podcast, featuring an interview with narcissism expert, Dr. Ramani, PhD as they discuss what narcissism actually looks like and what signs you should look out for. 

There's so much truth and value in this video. Many people seem to think narcissism is anyone who puts themselves first and thinks highly of themselves but it's more complex than that. Most people do display some narcissism personality traits from time to time, as humans are inherently self interested, however that doesn't necessarily make them a narcissist.

Viewers watching this clip definitely have some thoughts on the matter. Some are taking their own behavior into consideration. User @ginamarie567 says, "Why did I hear all of these and then worry that maybe I’ve been one and not know it??" Some are recognizing the subtle patterns in others. Commenter @thecakeduchess says, "The covert narcs are the worst because they market themselves as empathic cheerleaders, but it’s all for recognition and adoration." Another user @erraticchevy shares their own experience with narcissism in relationships, "Took 37 years to figure out and understand my relationships were with narcissists and was raised by a narcissist. It was my reality that I couldn’t see."

Dr. Ramani is a well known and highly respected authority on narcissism and the behavioral patterns that manifest. If you want to understand more about NPD and uncover the truth about what it looks like and how to deal with relationships where NPB is present, this is a woman you want to follow. 

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