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Video Parody of '16-Year-Deep' Marriage Is So Spot-On

This is how you know you're meant for each other.

When you've been married a long time, your relationship changes. That 'first love' feeling is long gone, and the kind of love that you do feel is very different. @imperfectmom4 captured that feeling perfectly with this TikTok!

It starts with "16 years deep into marriage" written across the video. Imperfect Mom is sipping a cherry 7-up, thinking deeply. Then she asks her husband, "Can you believe we still like each other?" and the conversation from there is hilarious!

So spot on! "I'm still not sick of your face" had us LOLing! So many commenters totally related to this video too. @SlyV48 laughs, "Me and my wife!" @Amy_Wallace1 does too, "Haha I just had this conversation with my husband!" @sorenson shares, "Yep, if couples can get past the Seven Year Itch they can go the distance. 17 years - it's like I met her yesterday." So sweet! @Dustin agrees even though he's in a different boat, "I love this! My 20 years together, 15 married is ending and I always thought this would be us. Thank you making this, it put a smile on my face!" @Mel isn't wrong when she says, "I feel like this is a lot of couples that's stay together for a long time." We agree!

@I have no name tagged her man and said, "If this isn’t us then I dont want it." @viktoria feels the same way, "The type of marriage I want." @Nicholas Lopez seemed to miss the message when he commented, "I’m upset, I’m furious, I might even drink tonight over this… why oh WHY are you drinking SODA out of a BEER MUG? The disrespect." If that's what you picked up from this sweet video, you might have missed the point!

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