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Woman Shares Her 'Unpopular Opinion' About Sex and Everyone's in Agreement

She said what exactly everyone is thinking.

Okay, this lady is the best! And she's not wrong when she shares her unpopular opinion about sex

@getofficialapp is an app for couples. They recently shared a TikTok in which an attractive blonde asks, "What are your unpopular opinions in the bedroom?" She goes on to say, "I'll go first", and then shares her unpopular opinion that everybody who's watched has seemed to agree with!

Her explanations of why she's not a fan are spot on. What do you think? Is she right or wrong? Is it as mediocre as she describes? Whether you're into it or not, she did make us laugh! And so do some of the commenters.

"We're not teenagers trying to fit everything in before my parents get home. We can take turns", says @Rogue885. @T Anastasiya made us laugh with, "Somebody once said they don't enjoy working while on vacation and nothing resonated more." @APC shares, "The thought of the act is cool. But the actual execution leaves something to be desired." He's not wrong! @No states, "He knows he’s doing something right when it causes me to stop what I’m doing haha."

@Brotato kept it real with her comment, "Cannot count how many times he's like "don't stop!"... sir... I can't even remember how to breathe right now." @Malorie Winberg isn't a fan either, "If I wanted to be annoyed and dissatisfied simultaneously, I’d just go to work." 

For as many people who don't like it, there were those that disagreed that it's mediocre. @Von Eric had the best comment with, "I’m 6’2” she’s 4’10” and everything aligns perfectly, and we both know what we’re doing. No complaints."

Well, whatever you think about it, it definitely stirred up some great conversation!